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Two Steps To Have A Great Day!

Great Day

Whether it’s Valentine’s Day, your birthday, or any day in between, having a Great Day… makes the day!

And, I promise, what I am about to tell you is one of the best Great Day hacks EVER. It is so simple, and it is not your typical list of just focus, organize, motivate, and alter your mindset. Out of the mouths of babes, my mom always says. Innocently demonstrated by the actions of a 3-year-old.

SeramaChick, we’ll call her Little Chick for the sake of this story, was a tiny, somewhat quiet but inquisitive, blue-eyed 3-year-old. I remember like it was yesterday. She jumped into the backseat of my car and buckled up after her grueling day of preschool. She was not her usual calm self, but instead, had an exceptionally giddy glow extending from her rosebud smirk. Like every day before, I asked how her day went.

Great Day

“It was a GREAT DAY, Mommy!” Little Chick beamed.

I asked why, but all she kept repeating over and over was, “It was a GREAT DAY!”

I eventually just let it go.

After finishing the dishes from dinner, I went thru the bookbag ritual.

You know the one? I’d take a big breath and mentally prepare myself for the plethora of notes and comments from both my kid’s teachers. Secretly, underneath their scribbles, I thought it meant whether I was doing a good job or not. Ya, that ritual!

Filled with her “Show and Tell Tuesday” animals, Little Chick’s purple glitter pony backpack had her blue take-home folder slid between her lunch box and fuzzy naptime towel.

“Show and Tell” day was a big deal at three years old, and she loved her little plastic farm animals. The horse was her prize possession. Every time she was given a new animal; she brought them to school to share on Tuesdays, but the horse, he went with her everywhere.

Inside the blue take-home folder noted in red was a list of checked boxes all marked with well done, excellent job and random happy, smiley-face stickers.

I was pleased like every other mom would be, but as I went to sign the parent return form, a small, sealed envelope fell out of the folder. Written in cursive across the parchment, the words Mrs. Lea caught my immediate attention. I was intrigued but yet apprehensive considering my mom insecurities. It kind of goes hand-in-hand with being a divorced, single-parent. Questions popped into my head. Why is it personally addressed just to me? Was her lunch not healthy enough? Did I forget to do something?

Oh, seriously Tish. Yes, I talked to myself (and still do). Scoffing, I opened the envelope and pulled out a card.

It had a pretty picture on the front. That’s good, right? A pretty picture must mean something good. How bad can it be, she is only three? For corn sakes.

Catching myself in disdain for my own thoughts, I opened the card and read the following words:

Dear Mrs. Lea,

I hope this card finds you well. I wanted you to know the kindness that your daughter, Little Chick, displayed today.

You see, I showed a picture to the class of my new granddaughter for “Show and Tell” Tuesday. I went on to explain that she was our first grandbaby, and our family was all very excited about her arrival.

Our day continued, and during free-time recess, Little Chick approached me at my desk. She held up her little hands and kindly told me she had a gift for my new granddaughter. Coupled inside her hands was her precious little horse. I am aware of how much this horse means to her because it is the only animal she has brought with her, every day, since the beginning of the year.

Little Chick explained to me that her horse makes her so happy, and asked if I would give it to my granddaughter so she could be happy too, as a gift from her.

Such a giving heart! I just had to share this moment with you. What a blessing she is.

In love and kindness,

Mrs. Wemmell, Little Chick’s Teacher

Great Day Free Svg

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I mean to tell you I was a big ole’ ball bag after reading that. I am not sure if I was crying more because I was disgusted at myself for thinking the card was about me and something I had done wrong or tears of pure joy that Little Chick gave of herself in such a way. I was thankful she wasn’t in the room with me at the time because I would have had no idea how to explain myself.

I quickly tucked the card away for safe keeping, and yes, I still have it today. I was so moved and humbled by Little Chick’s actions that I never asked her about that day, until recently. And Little Chick? For thirteen years, she never did explain why it was such a GREAT day.

Humble. That’s some chick. Charlotte and Wilbur would be proud.

Little Chick (SeramaChick) is now sixteen and in high-school, and I finally dared to ask her about that great day. I came across the card as we were unpacking from our move and explained that Mrs. Wemmell had written to me about it. She just smiled and said that was the first time she remembers how good it felt to give.

Such innocence. She schooled me at the ripe old age of three.

My focus was on whether I was doing a good job, or if Little Chick was performing well with traditional grades and behavior, and come to find out; her giving heart exceeded far more than her everyday accomplishments ever could. When we think about it, it’s that way with a lot of things.

How many times do we have to remind ourselves whether whatever is happening in front of us will matter in twenty years? Or, how many people have far more significant issues than us at that given moment.

Sometimes the biggies aren’t biggies. They only appear to be a biggie when we are stuck in our own head, and to be honest; I find myself wandering around stuck in my head a lot. Every morning I remind myself to take the proper steps.

Two Simple Steps to Have a GREAT DAY:

  • Step 1: Give something away. Just make someone else’s day. Anything. A kind word, a cup of coffee, lunch, or go big and pay off their layaway. Rake their leaves, shovel their snow, give them your seat on the bus, just serve. No matter how big, or how small.
  • Step 2: Be humble about it. Don’t tell anyone, or expect anything in return. It’s all in the little, quiet gestures of giving. It’s your secret, your moment. God knows, and you know, and that’s all that matters.

Do both of these steps. Together. In my experience, when we give of ourselves, is when we are free to allow ourselves to be happy, and our problems seem to fade when we put less emphasis on worrying about them, and more focus on others. Plus, what really takes the cake: we can do it as much as we want.

Generosity cycles in a circle of giving that will always return home.

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I hope you HAVE A GREAT DAY!


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