Start HereHello, sweet friends! I’m Tish, and I am super happy you are here.

My mission is to provide artistic encouragement in the everyday lives of everyday people through art!

Some time ago life changed for me, and I’m guessing it has for you too. Maybe not in all the same ways, but I’m sure the unexpected has taken you by surprise. Life, the ups and downs, the incredibly awesome and the exhaustingly excruciating – all happen. To all of us. Just no stopping it.

But, along with the (sometimes scary) change comes valuable learning opportunities, new insights, and doors that we would have never considered opening before. And now, through all this crazy technology, we can share our stories faster than my tiny chickens devour their mealworms. (more on that later)

Have you heard the quote, “you are one decision away from changing the rest of your life?” Gosh darn, I love that one, and it pertains to you too. That’s why this isn’t just about me. It’s about you, me, and everything in between.

I have made (some not easy) changes, and now you find me here as a mom, a sister, and a daughter with faith in God to accomplish his plan. By lending a helping hand and using my art to encourage others trying to get thru their demanding days, and just giving what I have to give.

Simply put, art is a little of life’s awesome sauce.

I taught my kids at a young age that all art is subjective. We only have to dig deep enough to find what each creation means to us as individuals. And the best part is, we run smack dab into art every day. Beautiful cakes, chilling songs, elegant fashion, inspiring books, masterful paintings, the list is endless.

We create it, too, where we least expect it. How about your second graders Halloween costume that you stayed up all night to finish? Those kind words that flowed from your mouth to lift the spirits of your lonely neighbor? That memorable scripture quote painted on that rustic sign above your front door that welcomes everyone as they enter your home; all are art, in some form, that have made a beautiful difference.

Everyone needs ENCOURAGEMENT, every day. It’s mentioned over 104 times in the Bible.
…and four!

Enough said.

What this blog is all about:


To inspire busy DIY moms and crafters to tackle their handmade business dreams, savvy home décor ideas, and mom-life projects like a boss with resources, tutorials, unique gifts and digital art to get things done and save money doing them.

I am passionate about creating beautiful things on a budget,
spreading encouragement amidst life’s ever-changing challenges, and helping others do the same!

mission we will create diyCreating beautiful art can be fun, easy, and budget friendly! You will find tutorials, inspiring SVG files for Cricut, Silhouette, and other cutting machines, and unique projects that will take “homemade” to “handmade” using practical how-to’s and instructions from an award-winning graphic designer.mission we will create happy home

Life’s changes and pure busyness can overwhelm if left unchecked. Finding a weekly (or daily) structure, defining goals, and tackling issues with confidence can help find your families sweet spot. Discover encouraging stories for single moms, helps for homeschoolers, chronic disease coping strategies, and even unique ways for parenting creative, curious kids.mission we will create hustle

Do you aspire to create a handmade business of your own but not sure where to start? Brainstorm ideas, and find how-to’s to define your business goals from a veteran online handmade business owner who is always looking for ways to save. Whether it’s starting a side-hustle, or strategies to save time, implementing ways to simplify can make a big difference.

About Tish

mission Serama chick


Once you get to know me, you will get it figured out why when I was young, my mom always said that creativity is rarely tidy. I didn’t realize how right she was, and that it reached far beyond the heaps of clothes on my messy bedroom floor. I bet some of you can relate! So, to keep things TIDY, here is my top ten list of things you probably don’t know about me:

  1. I like a little Sushi with my Wasabi. I admit wholeheartedly; it’s not really about the Sushi. I just need that eye-watering, nasal clearing, green pile of Wasabi with a dash of soy. I just gotta.
  2. My two kids, GingerBeard and SeramaChick, have taught me well. Blessed mama.
  3. We raise backyard chickens – IN TOWN. And, not just any old kind; we raise Serama chickens; the smallest chicken breed in the world. Built by hand, our coop is just as sweet as the chickens, and I can watch them out my art studio window. They are SeramaChick’s project, but I have acquired feeding and watering duties on occasion. I have been busted entirely (in our kitchen mind you) with a two-inch tall mini roadrunner darting after my feet. Tiny, fuzzy things are irresistible.
  4. I, along with my sister, live with multiple chronic diseases. I know it doesn’t sound fun, and some days are a struggle, but I have found ways to cope and outsmart the little buggers and try to turn something negative into a positive.
  5. I’m obsessed with our county fair. The countdown is on. Started in 1888, it is one of the oldest county fairs in Illinois, and draws crowds of over 100,000 daily! We go every, single, day. Can you just smell the corn dogs?
  6. I’m super close to my mom and sister. Close, like three peas in a pod, finish each other’s sentences, always there for each other kind of close.
  7. I love decorating with twinkle lights. They aren’t just for Christmas anymore! I don’t have it in me to take them down. I figure there are no rules or twinkle light police, so be the light, right?
  8. Writing children’s books is my fave thing to do in my downtime. The rhyming kind with whimsical words about tiny creatures that discover odd things and embark on peculiar, life-altering rabbit trails.
  9. Someday, you will find me (God-willing) in the country raising Gypsy Vanner Horses. Vanner’s would be downright regal in our small town parade pulling a wagon (decorated with twinkle lights of course) filled with a passel of our awe-struck, smiling schoolkids flinging candy to the crowds.
  10. I am, what I would call, a fashionably late to the party believer. You see, Jesus and I became friends very late in life, but I’m learning every day that He still loves me as I am, a very imperfect, unfinished, masterpiece.
What should we do next?

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